Mary Shi is a young woman in China with a mission to change her countrys attitude and support for people living with diabetes. She was diagnosed with Type 1 herself in July 2003, while busy preparing for the entry exam for undergraduate studies. As most people with Type 1 diabetes in China do, she hided her situation during the four years university life. Due to diabetes, she was fired by her company and broke up with her boyfriend under his family pressure.

She has since become one of the International Diabetes Federation Young Leaders on behalf of China, and now she got her Master Degree on Media and Communications at Peking University and works in health care industry.

She is involved with the UK-based diabetes exercise group Team Blood Glucose and took the challenge of participating in the m Health Grand Tour which is a 2,100km journey from Brussels to Barcelona with more than 22,000 meters of climbs. In July 2014, she also joined the World Diabetes Tour, a French organization formed by people with type 1, climbing the Machu Picchu to raise awareness of diabetes.