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Dr. Lalit Kumar Upadhyay

Dr. Lalit Kumar Upadhyay

President & Founder

UWAD is committed to empowering underprivileged sections of society and ultimately building a healthy, happy, and diabetes-free community where every citizen can live healthily with dignity and equal opportunities. We have started our journey towards this goal by taking small yet significant steps, and we request everyone to join us in this empowerment journey towards a healthy and diabetes free future.


Madan R. Nikhal

Assit. Commissioner (I.R.S.) Retd.

Pankaj Jha

(Film Actor)
Campaign Ambassador

Rohit Agarwal

CEO -The Himalayan Plateau Inc.
National Youth Coordinator

Global Ambassador

Rose C. Perri

Global Ambassador - Canada
CEO - EastGate Biotech Corp. Canada

Rama Kale

Global Ambassador - Dubai
CEO - Foster Consultants.

Nareen Sadhanand

Global Ambassador - South Africa
CEO - Dodo Inc.

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