Aashish: Transforming Elder Diabetes Healthcare

Diabetes and other health issues such as joint pain, high blood pressure, etc., are quite common in elderly people. It is important for them to have regular health checkups, undergo diabetes screening, and take medications to control their blood sugar levels to prevent complications. However, most elderly people do not go for regular medical checkups, and some of them even stop taking their diabetes medications due to a lack of awareness regarding diabetes complications or financial constraints.
The aim of this project is to improve diabetes management and the quality of life for elderly individuals. This includes reducing complications and hospitalizations related to diabetes, maintaining a healthy diet, engaging in regular physical activity, and promoting healthy aging while addressing the unique needs of elderly individuals with diabetes.
To achieve this goal, we have developed unique educational programs on diabetes self-management, medication adherence, and prevention of complications, as well as nutritional counseling and meal planning services. We also offer exercise programs tailored to the physical abilities of older adults, access to glucose monitoring devices, assistance with blood sugar tracking, telemedicine services for remote monitoring and consultation, and programs for emotional and social support.
In the long run, this program will help improve the health of elderly people, and the community’s perception of caring for the elderly will be positively influenced. This will encourage more volunteers to join our project from different areas, and more elderly people will benefit from this program.
Theme: – Elder care
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