Diabetes Mitra : Rural Diabetes Health Educator

(Youth Empowerment & Skill Development Program)

In rural areas, access to diabetes education and support services is often limited, leading to inadequate management of the condition and increased risk of complications. This project proposes the establishment of a Rural Diabetes Educator and Diabetes Friend Program to address these challenges and improve outcomes for individuals living with diabetes in rural communities. The Diabetes Health Educator Training Program is designed to address the growing need for trained professionals capable of effectively educating individuals with diabetes on disease management and lifestyle modifications. Main aim of this program to provide accessible and culturally sensitive diabetes education and support services in rural areas and train local community members as Diabetes Educators and Diabetes Friends to facilitate peer support and education and reduce the incidence of diabetes-related complications and improve overall health outcomes in rural populations. We develop a training program for local community members to become certified Diabetes Educators. The curriculum will cover diabetes basics, nutrition, and local herbs for control blood sugar, physical activity, and patient education techniques and these individuals will provide peer support, encouragement, and practical assistance to those living with diabetes. Diabetes Mitra also helps in diabetes mobile clinics equipped with necessary diagnostic tools and staffed by healthcare professionals and trained Diabetes Educators. These clinics will provide on-site screenings, consultations, and follow-up care to individuals in remote areas. The Rural Diabetes Educator and Diabetes Mitra Program aims to address the unmet needs of individuals living with diabetes in rural communities. By building local capacity, fostering peer support networks, and increasing access to education and resources, the program seeks to improve health outcomes and enhance the quality of life for rural residents affected by diabetes. Theme: – Skill Development Location :- Maharashtra, Uttrakhand, Odisha, Chattishgad, Rajasthan

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