Kishan Aarogya & Diabetes Care

The Kishan Aarogya is a comprehensive healthcare project aimed at addressing the health needs of rural communities, with a specific focus on diabetes management. Recognizing the challenges faced by rural populations in accessing quality healthcare services, especially for chronic conditions like diabetes, this initiative seeks to bridge the gap by providing accessible, affordable, and culturally sensitive healthcare solutions.
Through Kishan Aarogya we raise awareness about diabetes prevention, management, and complications among rural communities and provide regular health screenings and diagnostic tests for early detection of diabetes and related conditions.
Facilitate access to affordable or free medications, supplies, and healthcare services for individuals living with diabetes and empower rural communities with knowledge and skills for self-management of diabetes through lifestyle modifications and adherence to treatment plans.
Organize health camps and screening events in rural villages to offer free diabetes screenings, blood glucose tests, and blood pressure checks and establish diabetes clinics or mobile health units to provide regular medical consultations, medication refills, and counseling services.
And implement nutrition education programs to promote healthy eating habits and dietary modifications for diabetes prevention and management and train community health workers and volunteers to deliver diabetes education sessions, conduct home visits, and provide ongoing support to farmers. Collaborate with local farmers to promote the production and consumption of nutritious foods, including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
The Kishan Aarogya & Diabetes Care Initiative represents a commitment to improving the health and well-being of rural communities through targeted interventions and community-driven solutions. By addressing the specific needs of individuals living with diabetes in rural areas and promoting a holistic approach to healthcare, this initiative aims to empower communities to lead healthier lives and reduce the burden of diabetes-related complications.
Theme: – Rural Health Care
Location :- Maharashtra, Uttrakhand, Odisha, Chattishgad, Rajasthan

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