Veritas Diabetes Prevention & Rural Healthcare Initiative

UWAD, in partnership with The Veritas, is committed to providing medical health check-ups, diabetes awareness, free medicines, and eyeglasses to those in need in rural and remote areas where medical facilities are limited. The goal of this initiative is to raise awareness about diabetes, offer guidance on diet and yoga for diabetes, and provide knowledge to help control blood sugar levels. The medical and technical team visits rural remote areas to conduct necessary medical checkups and diabetes screenings, and to provide essential Ayurvedic and herbal medication. They also provide knowledge about local herbs that can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Expert-led sessions on diet and yoga for diabetes are also conducted. Eye health check-ups, power eyeglasses, and essential medicines are provided to those in need. Local areas’ Asha health workers and Gram Panchayat also participate with us.
Theme: – Rural Healthcare
Partner Agency: – Varitas
Direct Beneficiaries: – 2000+

Indirect Beneficiaries: – 6000+
Location :- Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Odisha

United World Against Diabetes (UWAD)

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